I decided to use Taiyi institute services after having some back pain and digestion issues. Being an European, I’ve never really heard much before about Chinese medicine, but was curious about trying something softer for my body and as efficient than traditional medicine.

After a few days listening energy healing, I was really surprised about the immediate positive effects as the pain in my back disappeared as well as the digestion issues I had for weeks. After a few weeks, I also noticed having a much better state of mind and global better well-being. I felt the audios to be very relaxing and very easy to integrate in my daily routine. I really liked that I could still listen to them while keeping going on with my day.

Additionally, I also like the way the platform is organised, everything is online and fully accessible, and each audio is clearly explained regarding the benefits and the way of use.

I’m really thankful to have discovered a new way of healing and well-being that I can use either as a replacement or a combination of what I used to do before, that is much softer for my body compared to just taking drugs, and so easy to implement and integrate. Therefore, I really recommend Taiyi as a truly natural and much softer way of healing, as well as for relaxation and body balance.

Alix Bourély,
New York

I first met Master Xuhua Zhang in 2019 when he introduced me to his Taiyi Qi acupuncture technique. Since then, I have attended four different sessions of his Qi Gong and Taiyi Qi healing practice. During these sessions, I noticed the powerful effect of his mantra music, which is used to remove meridian blockages from his patients’ bodies by using small speakers placed directly onto the affected meridian points.

I personally tested the effects of these sound frequencies when Master Zhang placed the speaker on the solar plexus and thoracic area of my body. During this process, I observed these frequencies traveling through my body. Notably, these frequencies activated my dan tien (‘sea of qi’ or energy center). Upon reaching my brain, they activated an alpha state of mind (8/9Hz to 14Hz). This state is the most effective for stimulating the body’s natural and holistic healing process for mind, body, and spirit.

As someone with my own practice of Magnetic Harmonic Vibrational Therapy, I have researched this subject for thirty years. In that time, I have written two theses, developed my own Harmonic Healing Sound Qi Gong Therapy, and traveled the world to meet those who are also seeking answers to the healing puzzle of energetic vibrations and sound frequencies. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Master Zhang’s Qi Gong and Taiyi Qi healing methods, particularly his use of mantra music and sound frequencies. Master Zhang’s techniques use excellent holistic modalities that can stimulate our natural healing process for mind and body.

Thank you for your work and dedication. May your vibrational Taiyi Qi Gong and Taiyi Qi healing practice resonate around the planet, bringing healing to those who choose to receive it from you.


Jay Emmanuel Morales, A.K., N.S., V.M., 
New York

Doing Taiyi, I felt an enhanced vital capacity and an increased blood flow throughout my body and especially in my feet, which warmed up considerably! I also noticed that my left arm and left thigh, which usually feel cold, improved considerably. Finally, my anxiety has also been relieved.

Sue C.,
New York

After receiving confirmation that I had contracted the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19), I sought out the assistance of Xunhua Zhang of the Taiyi Institute for healing.
I had the typical symptoms: a cough and difficulty breathing. Master Zhang suggested that I listen to Taiyi waves through bone-conduction earphones, and also recommended playing Taiyi sounds through regular speakers, placed on Huangzhong acupressure points. 
After a couple of hours of this treatment, I noticed that my coughing had decreased and became less severe. I could also feel my qi gradually increasing. Encouraged by these first-day results, I went on to listen for over two hours daily.
I particularly found the Tuna deep breathing techniques useful for those times when I was experiencing shortness of breath. Using this in combination with the Taiyi sounds, I found that both my coughing and breathing issues disappeared after five days.

H. Z.,
New York

Taiyi Qi Healing gave me results straightaway, relieving my headaches without having to resort to medicine. I also experienced an improvement in my sleep quality, revitalizing me and enabling me to live a more active life.

Tina L.,
New York

After practicing Taiyi Healing from Mr. Xunhua Zhang and listening to the healing music, I feel healthier, more energetic and joyful. The meditative melodies and classical music lift my spirits. The Chinese music is soothing and peaceful. It helps me to relax and lower my level of stress.

After I practice Qigong, my lungs feel stronger and I can hold my Qi longer. Now I can daily walk quickly without experiencing difficulty breathing. I can play Ping Pang up to an hour without getting tired. When I wake up at midnight, I no longer take melatonin. I just practice deep breathing to fall asleep. Practicing Qigong elevates my mood, gives me energy. I know my immune system is now robust.

I appreciate the opportunity to listen to Master Zhang’s medical presentations and follow his Qigong exercises.

Peiju Ruan,
New York

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers were forced to isolate themselves in their homes. During this period, my headaches became more pronounced, and I also started to experience a tightness in my chest that had not been present before. Under Master Zhang’s guidance, I began to use the Taiyi Audio Healing method.

As soon as I started, I noticed that the tightness in my chest was relieved. After three hours, my chest felt decongested, and I felt mentally relaxed. For two weeks, I continued to use Taiyi sound waves daily. Over those two weeks, the tightness in my chest, along with my headaches abated. Taiyi also treats anxiety at the same time. Instead of having to look into drug treatments, I was able to manage my anxiety at home.

Annie Hu,
New York

For years, I have struggled with my weight, particularly my belly fat. As a result, I was at risk for diabetes and many other weight-related health issues. Thankfully, last year I had the privilege to meet Master Xunhua Zhang and experience his Taiyi non-invasive soundwave treatment.

Within the first week of treatment, my stubborn belly fat started to loosen. Over the following two months, I lost 20 pounds, my blood sugar levels came back to the normal range, and my weight-related health conditions showed a marked improvement. In my experience, the Taiyi sound waves treatment is a miracle one that burns fat naturally with no side effects, while also energizing my body’s systems and improving my immune health.

I am immensely grateful to Master Zhang, who has helped me on my path to wellness – and I look forward to seeing further improvements as treatment continues!

Dan C.,
New York

I contacted Master Xunhua Zhang in December 2019. My mild hypertension, a result of cervical spondylosis and pain from increased blood pressure was giving me frequent headaches and hypoxia in my head. I was sleepy during the day and wide awake at night, with memory loss affecting my day-to-day life. The chronic nature of my disease had an overall negative impact on my life, leaving me feeling dizzy and tired.

I started by listening to the Taiyi shock wave audio. After a few days, I suddenly realized that days had passed without feeling that old, familiar pain in my neck. I was surprised, and felt that even without taking my medication, this shock wave audio was giving me the much-needed relief from cervical spine pain I wanted! Naturally, I continued to listen to the shock wave audios, and also followed Master Zhang's energy exercises. Over time, the pain in my cervical spine slowly improved, and I noticed that my hypoxia was disappearing. My spirits were lifted even further when my sleep schedule returned to normality: I was awake during the day and slept peacefully at night.

I learned that chronic diseases are a physical accumulation of bad habits that have been built up over decades. It's unrealistic to expect that such diseases can be cured overnight – but by listening to Taiyi shock wave audios and doing energy exercises daily, I feel the pain slowly retreating. I feel like every day offers a new improvement, and my mood is much better. Not only do I feel like I am full of energy again – I also feel like the energy is endless.

Annie J.,
New York