About the Platform

The Taiyi Online Healing platform results from twenty years of research by the Institute's founder, Master Xunhua Zhang. On this platform, you will find healing plans that let you approach your health issues holistically.

The library features specific healing plans for various health issues, with each treated in two parts. The first is passive healing through vibrational (qi) healing that can be accessed through headphones and through the TYQA (Taiyi Sound Acupuncture device). In turn, you can harmonize and balance your mind and body.

The second part is active self-healing or self-healing through your own movement and actions. This is done with exercising and meditation. Active healing also offers expert, health-related guidance from online instructors, ready to help you balance your mental state and increase your harmony levels.

To use the Taiyi Online Healing platform, simply browse the library, select a plan that concerns the health issue you want to heal, and follow it. Each plan includes links to all audiovisual materials for easy access.



How to Access the Platform?

Members have complete access to all areas of the platform, including healing plans and healing audiovisual materials. To join and start using the library, please visit www.taiyi-institute.com/memberships.

How Do the Taiyi Online Healing Plans Work?

The Taiyi Institute has designed each plan so that it fits into your daily routine. Within the healing plan, you'll find an organized healing routine to follow along with its corresponding audiovisual materials.

You can use headphones to enjoy the healing soundwaves at home or on the road, or purchase the Taiyi Institute's unique TYQA device (click here to find out more) and place it on your body to drive soundwaves to specific areas where healing is required.

Each healing plan also comes with videos for you to follow in the active healing part for meditation and exercise – just follow what you see on the screen. To get started, simply find the plan you want to use and follow the instructions.

How Often Are the Healing Plans Updated?

The Taiyi Institute is constantly researching and developing new methods to improve its soundwaves and healing materials. When updated, we alert members on the healing plan, which has been updated.

What If My Primary Health Concern Is Not Covered by a Healing Plan?

The Taiyi Institute is constantly growing – if you've looked through our library and cannot find anything that covers your health issue, please contact us at contact@taiyi-institute.com. Our team wants to help and will do everything to help you to heal. You can also sign up for the “Get Your Individual Healing Plan” membership to get a customized monthly healing plan built around your unique health concerns to facilitate healing.

How Much Do I Pay for Taiyi Online Healing?

The Taiyi Institute has three memberships: Prevent Future Diseases, Resolve Your Health Issue, and Get Your Individual Healing Plan. Each membership is affordable and provides easy access to the online healing platform for different types of users.

For more detailed information, please visit the plans and pricing page.