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Embrace Healthy Living in Balance and Harmony with the Natural, Unblocked, Flow of the Body’s Energy Systems

Founded in New York in 2018, the Taiyi Institute is the world’s leading research, education, and healing center for the practice of Taiyi. The Institute’s mission is to make this ancient holistic approach to health accessible and approachable to a western audience and build a community that views this discipline as a natural way of healthy living.

In China, Taiyi has a 2,000-year history and is a part of the nation’s cultural heritage, taught and practiced from elementary school and beyond. The Chinese view Taiyi as a natural method of harmonizing and balancing the body’s complex mechanisms through qi (炁), a high-frequency resonant energy that flows throughout the human body. Much like the circulatory system, qi should flow freely – and blockages must be addressed.

The Taiyi Institute offers healing materials and programs developed by Master Xunhua Zhang over two decades. As a proactive philosophy of health rather than a reactive treatment, these materials are aimed at creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that manages the healthy flow of qi.

What Is Taiyi and How Does It Relate to Human Health?

Taiyi (太乙) is an ancient Chinese philosophy of active health management that focuses on the energy flow of qi. Over 2,000 years of practice, practitioners have used this discipline to create, restore, and maintain the healthy balance of a free flow of qi for optimal patient health.

As a proactive health management tool, Taiyi is focused on a healthy lifestyle and a closer examination of the flow of qi. Unlike modern medicine, which focuses on pain and symptoms of disease, Taiyi looks at the flow of energy between organs to identify blockages that may be causing ill health.

Generally speaking, Taiyi’s holistic approach works through four foundational pillars:

(High-Frequency Energy Waves)

Qi is the circulation of energy throughout the human body. In Taiyi, discomfort and sickness arise when qi is not flowing as it should. This flow can be affected by mind, body, and emotions.

(Contemplation and Introspection)

Meditation and contemplation create a balanced mind, which in turn creates a positive energy flow of qi around the body, boosting an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

(Psychical Exercise)

Taiyi takes exercises from traditional martial exercises like Qigong and Taiyiquan, which focus on boosting internal organs rather than building a muscular physique. These exercises also influence the energy flow of qi through the body.

(Study of Body and Mind)

Taiyi focuses on preventing illness – and encourages self-knowledge of one’s own health in body and mind. Rather than react to symptoms of disease as in Western medicine, Taiyi focuses on managing and maintaining a natural, healthy balance.

Put together and weighted equally, these four pillars provide a roadmap to a balanced, healthy, and harmonious lifestyle. In a universe where there is a constant fight for equilibrium, Taiyi’s approach encompasses the timeless harmony of the yin-yang symbol.

Is There Any Science Behind Taiyi?

“Concerning matter, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Albert Einstein

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

– Max Planck

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that some of the greatest scientific minds in the West made the discovery that everything in the universe – from the greatest of stars to the smallest of lifeforms – was made of pure, vibrating energy.

We are surrounded by, and made of, this energy, with everything having its own signature electromagnetic level of vibration. Einstein made the connection that what we perceive as matter was, in fact, energy. Planck made the discovery that higher-frequency vibrations in relation to those of the body – such as emotions– cannot be seen with the human eye, while those lower can be seen as material objects – such as a chair.  

Together, these two giants of scientific thoughts realized that all humans could heal themselves by raising their consciousness and thus their vibrations, which leads to energetic healing and a restoration of balance and harmony within the human body.

Altering the Human Body’s Electromagnetic State

Taiyi believes there is one reason for all disease and discomfort in the human body: a block in the qi energy flow. The cure is simply to eliminate this blockage and any internal or external factors causing it. Taiyi focuses on restoring a free-flowing, natural flow of qi to treat the blockage and eliminate the issue.

Using Tools to Boost Consciousness Resonance

Western science has identified four types of brainwave (alpha, beta, theta, and delta) that affect how we interact with the world. When meditating, our alpha brainwaves are activated, In this state, the body is more receptive to compatible healing tools, such as sounds, exercise, and more. Taiyi practitioners can also use this state to boost their qi to a higher state, which is then focused on their patients.

Sharing the One True Human Consciousness

Every human is surrounded by an electromagnetic field of vibrant energy, invisible to the human eye. Just as we are distinct physical individuals, our own energy is also unique to us – yet we are connected, as a whole, much like the millions of individual waves crashing across the world’s oceans.

Through 2,000 years of use in China and the discoveries of modern science in the West, one conclusion is clear: the human body is a part of the universe, and subject to its universal laws. In other words, balance is key to harmony in all things, and vital for the health of an individual.

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