Get the Most Out of Energy Healing with the Sound Acupuncture Device: TYQA

TYQA enhances the healing from the Online Healing Platform videos; all users need to do is place the device on the acupoint recommended by the Taiyi Institute to optimize your energy healing. Staff are always available to offer further assistance as needed.

$ 360 


Pair Method: Bluetooth 
Dimensions: L: 6.3”, W: 3.2”, H: 2.0”
Weight: 0.5 lb

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TYQA is a revolutionary new, pain-free device that does just that. All you have to do is place TYQA on an acupuncture point on your body and relax – TYQA takes care of the rest!

TYQA is built on principles that informed some of the very first acupuncture masters, thousands of years ago. In these ancient times, acupuncture was practiced not with needles, but energy stones that interacted with the body's energy.

Through such energy stones, energy flows into the human body. By placing them on corresponding acupuncture points for a specific health issue, the energy reaches and heals the location through non-invasive and non-painful soundwaves.

TYQA works the same way: just place it on your body in a recommended spot – it can even play audio through its integrated Bluetooth module! Designed and engineered by the Taiyi Institute, TYQA is optimized to work with all the healing materials available through the Tayi Institute's Online Healing Platform, with all the materials showing you where to place your TYQA device. If you need more advice, our team is always on standby to answer your questions.

If you share a fear of needles with 30% of the population, then TYQA is for you as it eliminates the need for needles in your energy healing experience altogether.

TYQA has been registered with the FDA (US FDA Registration No. 3016369042).