What to Expect

The Taiyi Online Healing Platform

Now you can heal anytime, anywhere with dedicated healing video materials from the Taiyi Institute. These videos, created by Xunhua Zhang and the Taiyi Institute team, are offered to all registered members free of charge.

How to Access the Taiyi Online Healing Platform

To start accessing the videos today, please visit www.taiyi-institute.com/memberships to become a member. Once you are logged in, you will have complete access to all videos – simply use a good pair of headphones to get the maximum impact of the healing waves used in each!

How Taiyi Online Healing Videos Work

Once logged in, simply choose the video that corresponds to your health issue best – you can find a more detailed description of symptoms in the description for each video to help you decide.

The number of sessions you need depends on your own unique situation. In our experience, most people will experience the benefits between healing session five and healing session thirty.

Not sure which session will fit your needs best? The team at Taiyi Institute is happy to help you find the right video – simply contact us for personalized assistance.

The videos on the platform are between fifteen minutes to one hour long.

What to Expect from Taiyi Online Healing

Each of the videos in the Taiyi Online Healing library makes use of high-frequency energy waves together with sound waves. Together, these combine to create a healing resonance that affects your body positively.

It is recommended to wear earphones – especially those which use bone-conduction technology – to maximize this resonant healing energy. As you watch these videos, you may feel your body adjusting; this is normal. Stay relaxed and enjoy the healing session.

Watching the video isn't necessary – you can choose to close your eyes as you take in the sounds if this works better for you.

How Much Does Taiyi Online Healing Cost?

The Taiyi Institute offers a choice of three plans (Standard, Premium and Corporate) designed to provide easy access to our online healing materials. 

If you are not yet registered, please visit this page to check our plans and prices.

Is Taiyi healing safe?

Yes, it is. Taiyi healing with a trained Taiyi practitioner uses channeled energy to remove blockages and obstacles in the body, assisting in natural and completely safe healing. During the process, patients typically experience and feel changes as the practitioner works to adjust the body’s energy to a balanced state.

Is energy healing explained by science?

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