Heal Liver Function

Have you lost your appetite, suffering from abdominal pains, flatulence, and diarrhea? Feeling depressed, unhappy, frightened, and sometimes irritable? Together with a tight rib and chest, a low libido, and irregular menstruation, these are signs of an imbalance in your liver. The liver is the body's detoxing powerhouse - help it to detox itself with this video, which helps to detox both your liver and gall bladder while preventing your liver qi from stagnating.

Place a screen in front of you to receive the video’s cosmic natural light energy. This powerful natural energy is the reflected light energy of the universe's sunlight, which has been refracted on an energy stone. By watching this video, you can increase your body's yang energy.

This video makes use of the wood sound - one of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine - to focus on the liver and the gall bladder. For best results, you should use this video between 11:00PM and 1:00AM, as this is the time when your liver qi is at its most active. If this is too late for you, you can use this at any time of day or night to benefit.

Best used with TYQA or earphones, especially bone-conduction headsets

Listen for two to four hours a day – play the video in the background

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