Heal Body Tumors

Tumors are unsightly - and to many of us, terrifying. These unwanted visitors are actually an accumulation of energy in a lesion in your body. The most effective way to excise a tumor is to clear that energy blockage, which will then scatter the tumor for non-invasive yet effective healing.

Place a screen in front of you to receive the video’s cosmic natural light energy. This powerful natural energy is the reflected light energy of the universe's sunlight, which has been refracted on an energy stone. By watching this video, you can increase your body's yang energy.

This video can be used at any time; we recommend using it at times when you feel particularly unwell. No matter what time you choose, be sure to make yourself comfortable.

Best used with TYQA or earphones, especially bone-conduction headsets

Listen for two to four hours a day – play the video in the background

Boost Your Energy Healing Sessions the Easy Way with TYQA

We have made TYQA as easy to use as possible with acupuncture points all over the human body.

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