Boost Your Energy (Qi)

Innate Qi is our foundation and allows life to continue. If our Qi is sufficient, it’s flow in meridians is smooth, as well as the organs and functions they represent in our body are normal. When our Qi weakens, a meridian will produce stasis due to insufficient power, and the cell metabolism at the points, lines, and surfaces of the stasis will be impacted, which will become a place for disease.

The Diamond Sutra sound wave is a super-energy sound wave for replenishing your Qi level.

This video is intended to be used at any time of day during rest. Simply make yourself comfortable and start the session when you are open to receiving the healing energy.

Best used with TYQA or earphones, especially bone-conduction headsets

Listen for one hour a day

Boost Your Energy Healing Sessions the Easy Way with TYQA

We have made TYQA as easy to use as possible with acupuncture points all over the human body.

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