Online Healing Platform

Your Holistic Health Journey Starts Today

The Taiyi Online Healing Platform offers you two paths toward healing. The first is passive healing through vibrational energy (also known as qi healing). In contrast, the second is an active form of self-healing through your own actions. 

The Taiyi Institute gives you all the materials you need to start and progress on your journey of healing. We give you the tools we need to open up the door to understanding yourself and what you represent in this incredible, intricate, and beautiful universe we live in. 

Ultimately, we want to help you start your healing journey with an adventure in self-exploration and maintaining balance – rather than just treat the symptoms of disease.

Vibrational Energy –
Passive Healing Method

You may feel like an individual – and physically, you are. However, you are not alone. You are an integral part of a vast collective consciousness and energy frequency that you can tap into at any time using the passive healing methods provided by the Taiyi Healing Institute. These methods blend consciousness, energy, and hi-frequency resonance to harmonize and balance your physical and mental state and were developed over two decades by Master Xunhua Zhang.

Self-Healing Energy –
Active Healing Method

You may be familiar with the saying, "Physician, heal thyself," – and in the case of self-healing, this is the case! As Hippocrates once wrote, you are your own best doctor and the person who best knows what feels wrong within your body and the true state of your mindset. From this starting point, the Taiyi Institute's self-healing energy work gives you active exercises, meditations, and more to train your inner tranquility while flowing into movements that heal your body – all while understanding how your body works.

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